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How Brazilians Cure a Hangover and other Jet Set Travel Tips

engovusa/ July 13, 2018/ Hangover Tips

Lorenzo Martone made his name as publicist for such models as Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio before turning a passion for bicycles into a successful business. In 2012, he started Martone Cycling Company,  selling luxury bikes and accessories online and at such stores as Los Angeles’s Fred Segal and Colette in Paris. Martone’s latest product is a limited-edition rose-gold model of his standard MCC

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5 Ways to Minimize or Reduce Hangovers

engovusa/ August 9, 2016/ Hangover Tips

1.Minimize how much you drink. 2. Eat before, during, and after you drink alcohol 3. Drink water throughout the night. 4. Avoid sugary mixed drinks. 5. Screw It and Just Take an Engov Instead!